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Rodent Proofing & Exclusion :
During our rodent proofing process we find and seal off all access point that rodents may have. Whether it is a hole that was chewed or a building imperfection. We will find it and repair it. Many companies out there claim it is impossible to permanently eliminate rodents from a home, we know better. Our many years of experience has taught us to never underestimate the sneaky abilities of an unwanted rodent. Our repairs are a fundamental part of a complete rodent removal process which sets us apart from our competitors. All products used on your home or building are animal proof. They are not meant as a temporary fix. We also go the extra step to color match and / or paint our products to match so it does not stick out like a sore thumb. We want everything to look exactly the same from when we first get there, to when we leave. (Minus the critters of course!)

Attic Cleanup Services:
The rodents living in your home or attic have the possibility of carrying disease through feces and urine. We offer the service to thoroughly clean up this waste, decontaminate the area and replace any damaged or soiled insulation.

Dead Animal Removal:
We provide dead animal removal in the event that a critter dies on your property or inside your home. We will properly remove them, clean the area, and take care of the carcass.

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